Energy Efficiency Features

1 - Effective Water Heating

Water heaters can account for a large proportion of a home’s energy bill. Choosing an energy efficient
water heater, such as a solar, electric heat pump or five star gas hot water systems will help to lower
your energy use.

In stalling water efficient shower heads and taking shorter showers can also help reduce water heating
energy use. You will also be saving water at the same time.  

2 - Water Saving

Saving water can also help to reduce your home’s energy use as well.

Installing water efficient shower heads and taking shorter showers means less energy is needed for
heating water.

When purchasing appliances that use water, e.g. clothes washers, select the most energy and water
efficient appliance by comparing water and energy rating labels.

3 - Draught Proofing and Sealing

Draught proofing doors and windows frames as well as sealing gaps between walls and floors will help to
prevent heat from entering or escaping your home.

This will ensure the money you have spent on heating or cooling your home won’t be wasted and will
help reduce the running time of heating and cooling appliances.

Double glazing windows and installing curtains and blinds also assist in reducing heat loss.

4 - Household Appliances

Purchasing energy efficient appliances can help to reduce your home’s energy use. Look for energy
rating labels.

You can also save energy by turning appliances off at the wall instead of leaving them on stand-by.

5 - Ceiling and Wall Insulation

Insulating your home is an effective way to reduce the need for heating and cooling appliances.

Insulation helps to reduce the hot and cold air from being lost through your homes walls and ceilings.
Installing insulation will help to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

6 - Effective Cooling

Heating and cooling can account for up to a third of your home’s energy use, so it is important that you
choose the most energy efficient heating and cooling appliances.

There are also a number of things you can do around the home to reduce the need for heating and
cooling appliances.

7 - Energy Efficient Lighting

Changing to energy efficient light bulbs and switching off lights when you leave a room can minimize
your energy bills and lower your greenhouse gas emissions.

Use sunlight wherever possible before turning on an electrical light. Well designed north-facing windows
will allow you to make the most of sunlight.
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The Model Home
Our world is faced with a serious energy challenge, how to provide reliable and affordable supplies in the face
of fast growing demand and rising concerns for the environment.

Despite huge investments in renewable, many millions of tons of fossil fuels are burned each year to
generate electricity. Through inefficiencies, from the gathering of these energy sources to their eventual
consumption, needless amounts of carbon dioxide are contributing to global warming.

Faced with the urgency of climate change, our best hope of significantly reducing emissions is to use energy
more efficiently. Estimates suggest energy efficiency improvements could deliver half the cuts in emissions
needed to slow global warming over the next 25 years, but by using energy more efficiently these precious
resources will last longer and will also save money.

"Being the change we want to see in the world."

We have designed our model home to meet the standards of being economically friendly in order to reduce
our carbon footprint and help our environment by using the following methods
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