Ground Floor Upper Floor
Ground Floor Upper Floor
Ground Floor 3D Upper Floor 3D
Ground Floor 3D Upper Floor 3D
Our model home portrays elegance from exterior to interior with an open living family room, first floor study
and formal dining room.  This model home is based on concept A, a magnificent four bedroom design sitting
on approx 11,339 sq ft. With its many stunning features such a gourmet kitchen, open patio and pool with a
Jacuzzi which overlooks the breath taking ocean where sky meets sea it’s a perfect haven. There is also an
electric two car garage which leads into the house for easy access and convenience. The three panel sliding
glass door and large windows throughout the property gives you the full view of the beautiful landscape
showing the southern tip of the island including Scorpion and Maria islets. Additionally there is a spacious
yard allowing you to enjoy the view from a fuller perspective while basking in a gentle cool breeze.
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