Savannes Estate is a stunning place, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and amazing views. There
are several schools, restaurants and hotels as well as local shopping facilities in which one can engage in
and are all just minutes away. 
Local Amenities
Local Amenities
■    Vieux Fort Infant (7.5km, 9 mins) Micoud R C Infant (7.7km, 7mins)
■    Augier Combined (9.7km, 13mins)
■    Laborie Boys Primary (13.9km, 16mins)
■    Laborie Girls' Primary (14.2km, 15mins)
■    Micoud Primary (7.7km, 7mins)
■    Plain View Combined Vieux Fort St. Lucia (5.0km, 6mins)
■    Vieux Fort Comprehensive A (7.8km, 9mins)
■    Vieux Fort Comprehensive B (5.8km, 7mins)
■    Micoud Comprehensive (7.6km, 7mins)
■    Special Education (7.5km, 8 mins)
■    Coconut Bay Resort and Spa
■    Kabran Hotel
■    Fox  Grove Inn
■    Kimatrai Hotel
■    Ladera
■    Honeymoon Beach
■    Sandy Beach
■    Laborie Beach
■    Piaye Beach
■    Fox Grove Inn
■    Coconut Bay Resort and Spa
■    Aunty Debbie’s
■    Kimatrai Hotel
■    The Reef Sandy Beach Restaurant and Bar
■    Ladera
■    Hewanorra Airport (4.7m, 6 mins)
■    Gable Woods Mall
■    JQ Plaza
St Lucia is one of the safest Caribbean islands thanks to our emergency services.

■    Vieux Fort Police Station, Bean Field
■    Vieux Fort Fire Station, Laborie Highway
■    St Jude’s Hospital ,St Judes Highway
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