Debra and her husband took a leap of faith in 1998 and started their own business; True Value, with
relevantly little experience but rather keen entrepreneurship skills and great ambition.

In 2009 Debra decided to take on the bold initiative and commence Emerald Vista’s Housing
Development. Debra is known for her strong work ethic, her passion and drive to succeed.  Being a
Vieux Fort resident she has the southern community close to her heart.
Miller has shared the same dream as his wife. He has continued to take strides in order to achieve
company growth. Having vast technical knowledge in building and construction has attributed towards
providing expert advice to customers.

Miller is well known for his passion in fishing and took the decision to open Captain Miller’s Fishing
Supplies in 2007.
Kristen joined us this year but has always been involved in the Emerald Vista Project. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2011 and now is the Sales Manager.  Kristen has been involved in marketing and has a special interest in photography and has captured the progress of the development.
Travish joined us in 2005. He comes from a background of IT and Marketing and has over eight years
experience in the field. Travish’s creative talent has served the company from web design to print media. He posses strong knowledge of our company and was appointed as Purchasing Manager.  
Charla is responsible for accounting and brokerage for Emerald Vista. Charla joined our company in
2008, she has always had a keen interest in the legal field and has pursued her dream by started her
LLB. As of the coming New Year, Charla will be taking on Human Resource responsibilities.

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