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Emerald Vista Luxury Residences was contracted to build my primary residence in their development. We
previously had the benefit of a long business relationship with the owners / contractors as we supply them
with products from our manufacturing company.

Working with Emerald Vista has been a very unique experience. I am very particular in my tastes, and so
they were able to guide me and administrate processes as I outsourced high end finishes and landscaping to
overseas companies. The project is in its final stages; overall finishes are near completion.

Their office provided in-house design services which were useful, allowing for us to modify the plan during the
actual building process, to accommodate changes that we desired.

I am exceedingly pleased with the high quality of the finished structure and also with the company's
willingness to facilitate my wishes during this much entailed process. I would definitely recommend other
individuals to building with Emerald Vista.
I have had the pleasure of working the Emerald Vista, as they were contracted to build my vacation
residence for me. My experience with them was excellent, the company worked diligently to provide me with
the structure.

The office provided design, civil engineering and project management services. I also found it very beneficial
that the design team was able to incorporate my input into the final design. I was very satisfied with the
efficient management of the construction processes as well as the resultant quality of the workmanship.

Based on my experience with Emerald Vista, I would not hesitate to recommend other individuals to the

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